C1: Art & (my) Life

This art class has changed my perspective about art and its principles. Looking at art is just as great as making art yourself. In my personal opinion, making the art is a greater experience because it’s a hands-on activity rather than just looking at other peoples work. Anything and everything can be art in the right hands. My favorite kind of art activity is calligraphy. I have done calligraphy before in high school for a project in English class. I All you need is inspiration from your mind. Nothing can stop you from turning anything into art.

I’ve done art all my life. When I was younger during my elementary and middle school years, I’ve drawn pictures on paper as a hobby. Around high school, that’s when I took art into a different perspective because I just learned on my own that art is be anything if you see it differently and believe in it. Back in middle school, I took an art class because it was a GE class and I passed that class with a solid B. I want to be a little bit more creative. I want to make art that was never done before. Maybe like using nature and resources to form a sculpture. Or even using clothing as art for a decoration or sculpture. The class mainly taught me how to shade, paint, and trace. Now I have taken art class here at CSULB again for Spring 2019 semester.

My understanding for art had changed a little this semester. Back in high school, I already understood art as mentioned in class sessions. The shows that I watched helped me understand art in a different perspective. It shows that, like I mentioned before, anything and everything is art in the right hands and mind. All you need is inspiration. Art doesn’t need to be a sculpture or a painting. It can be physical ideas of the artist, like using various everyday items in an artwork in a different method from how it’s used. For example, back in the day I watched a show called iCarly and the older brother of the main character named Spencer is a very unique artist. Artists are who they are by their work and way of thinking. Spencer had several unique pieces of sculptures that are bizarre in every way. One such sculpture is of a character named Toasty the baker. The piece is of a living piece of toast with arms and legs. The interesting thing about this sculpture is that it’s made entirely out of butter. That is what I call art. Art is what you make of anything, like butter and your imagination in the example given. Art is art.

The field of criminal investigation can include observation, expression, aesthetics, and creativity. Observation is the key point in investigations because it’s always hard to jump to conclusions. Everything is based on the set of the location and thinking. Although I don’t consider crime scenes “art”, I can just use observation like the same way I look at art at the art gallery every week. I think that expression can be used a lot in court because to be convincing, you need to have a lot of expression on your body and your feelings and your face. Winning the case is a huge deal because justice is the top priority in society. Creativity in criminal justice can be what you can think of. Have a little imagination. Creativity can be seen in crimes, like how the criminal initiated the situation. For example, how they murdered, tortured, raped, and robbed their victim. That is considered being creative to their victims in their twisted minds.

Art is everywhere. It’s just that not everyone appreciates it or accept it like an artist would.


B8: Environmental Portraits

Image may contain: John Thach, standing, shoes, outdoor and nature

I was going for an environmental portrait which takes place outside because I really like spending time outdoors than indoors. The portrait takes place in my backyard. The thing I was holding is my fightstick. A fightstick is a portable arcade controller which I use to play retro and fighting games. I really enjoy using this equipment.

While the portrait mainly describes my hobbies, it didn’t show whether I was successful or not. If you’re talking about if my portrait was successful or not, it was indeed successful. It was sunny and breezy.

The only thing different next time would be the setting and time of the portrait. Maybe with a different item.

B7: Drinking & Drawing

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  • Was it fun? Was it frustrating? Do you like to draw? Will you ever try again? – It was actually fun and peaceful at the same time. It wasn’t frustrating at all. I used to draw a lot when I was younger. Nowadays, i don’t draw that often, but drawing is fun and peaceful. Of course I will try this again.Whenever I have a pencil and some paper and some music with me, I will draw again.
  • Do you think if you practiced for 100 hours, or 1,000 that you would get a lot better? – Why of course. Practice makes perfect. The more you do it, the better you get.
  • What is your major? Can you think of any ways that simple sketching of some kind could be useful in your major? – My major is criminal justice. In my field, sketching can be used in police sketch for drawing what the suspect may look like.